PLC controller

PLC Programming Controller, HMI Human Machine Iterface

Service ydelser:
  • PLC
  • HMI
  • touch screen
  • touch panel
  • operation panel
  • programmable controller
  • industrisl panel pc
  • panel PC
  • panel terminal
  • valve
Min Ordre (MOQ):
Min: 1000 USD, Min 1-5 Stk.

Firma profil:
  • 80 Ingeniører
  • Fabiksareal 4000 m ²
  • Fabrik: Nanjing City China
  • ISO 9001:2000
Under 30-40% af dansk pris.


iPLC Brief Introduction

MB Series intelligent Programmable Logic ControlleriPLC is manufactured base on our 30 years experiences of hardware development and engineering application, along with the past successful experiences of PLC device, MB, iMB, MB1000 series module and successful point of other company's PLC devicewhich is focus on latest trend and using the Field Bus Technology, Embedded technology and Intelligent technology etc.. MB Series iPLC have adopted an advanced process to provide reliable, stable, flexible and affordable device and solution with our friendly software programming environment to meet your requirement of automatic control.

iPLC has carried forward the strongpoint of PLC and DCS, at same time, remedied their defects. iPLC was designed to support Hot Swap, the open industry standard and generic system platform allow it to provide remarkable performance.

MB Series iPLC, includes MB80 Series iPLCMB60 Series iPLCMB40 Series iPLC and MB20 Series iPLC. To be more suitable for special industry application, we classified our products into Industrial standard edition, Wide temperature edition and Special edition since 2006.

iPLC History

2002: MB80, MB60 Series iPLC successfully developed and launched on local market.

2004: MB40, MB20 Series iPLC successfully developed and launched on local market.

2006: MB Series iPLC passed the CE certification test.

2006: MB Series iPLC accessed to Europe and North America market, it was the first time that our iPLC enter the international market.

2008: MB Series iPLC passed the CCS (China Classification Society) certificate. Certificate

Electrical tech. & EMC Property


Temperature-10~60 ( Expandable to40~80)

Surge immunity4kVCommon mode/2kVDifferential mode),4classIEC61000-4-5

Oscillation & Immunity2.5kVCommon mode/1kVDifferential mode),3classIEC61000-4-12

Fast transient±4kVPower supply/±2kVI/O),4classIEC61000-4-4


Radiated electromagnetic field immunity test10V/mFrequency: 80MHz~1GHz3classIEC61000-4-3

Environmental condition









5%~95% No condensation






10~60 Expandable to40~80





Protection grade






Smart HMI Solution from the Operator Interface Experts.

The Smartview series Windows® touch screen computer combines the convenience of a reliable and affordable touch screen operator interface with the power and versatility of an open platform Windows® computer.

Why an open platform computer?

In a word: versatility. Because the smartview series is powered by Microsoft® Windows® using an open platform, your programming possibilities are endless:

  • You choose your HMI software. No matter what your application, you are no longer restricted by the limitations of specific HMI configuration software. Instead, you have the power to choose any Microsoft® Windows® compatible HMI software that best meets the needs of your application.
  • Connect to the controllers you use. Like program features, controller connectivity is a function of the software you choose. Shantung’s Kingview™ software supports an extensive list of communication drivers.
  • You can create your own application. If your application is one that doesn't fit into the function of traditional HMI software, then you can create your own. This opens doors that just aren't possible with traditional HMIs.

What are the advantages to using the STV series hardware platform?

  • It's affordable. The Smartview Series is a low-cost Windows® touch screen computer that meets SHUNTANG Systems high standards of quality backed by a two-year warranty. Quantity discounts are available.
  • It's packed with hardware. The Smartview Series has a RISC-based or X86 microprocessor with built-in graphics accelerator to ensure fast operation. The memory provides ability to store applications and data. You can also use a Compact Flash card for additional memory storage. USB port(s) is included to allow easy connection to external devices like a mouse or keyboard.
  • It has a small footprint. The Smartview Series has a slim-fit design to allow you to use a large screen in tight spaces.

What HMI software do you recommend?

You can use any software that is designed for the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. SHUNTANG offers Kingview™, a powerful operator interface software that is specifically designed for industrial automation. The Kingview™ industrial automation software has many features that compliment the STV Series HMIs.

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